Yoga Offerings

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

- All bodies and abilities welcome -

Sessions are individually customized  towards each clients particular needs & goals.

Cultivating balance, strength, mindful attention & restorative equilibrium. 

Sessions are facilitated with clarity, care, and attention to nourish the heart-mind-body. 

Emily draws on a 19 year personal yoga and meditation practice, years of dancing, and 10+ years of teaching body based movement practices to a wide range of ages and abilities. She brings a unique blend of  skills to each yoga session.  Whether it be a single session, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or every now and again. Each practice serves to enliven, honor and light up your embodied connections through curiosity, generosity and kindness. 

"It is my honor and life's work to offer ways for people to access more of themselves through the moving body. "

-emily aust


At the Field of Movement Office

4305 Gesner St. Suite 101

San Diego, CA 92117

*Instructor comes to your space.

*We meet at the studio, park, or beach. 

*Live virtual session on Google Meet or Zoom

Build Community 

Are you seeking an enlivening activity for your group?

 Hire me to facilitate a group yoga or somatic movement class for your next event!

email for details.

Why Private yoga?

Individualized sessions are beneficial for so many reasons.

Private yoga and mindful movement sessions support you to: 

It is my honor to show up and be of service for  your practice. 

All you need to do is say YES and sign up! 

I am here to support you to build and discover the practice that supports your heart-mind -body and  goals. 

Private Yoga Session 

Each session or series of sessions is custom designed for your personal goals and needs.

You will receive alignment based, somatically guided instruction and meditation practices. You will be challenged physically and mentally with care.  Always responsive, responsible, and generous with ourselves. We practice kindness and non-judgement towards the body.

 We cannot know our edges until we find them. Often we find aid in self  discovery by being witnessed, speeding our understanding  towards this depth inside ourselves.

Semi-Private Yoga Session 2-3 people

A great option for a small group of friends or family.  

Each session or series of sessions is custom designed for the groups goals, dynamics, and needs.

This is a great way to share practice space and cost while also connecting through chosen community. You receive the benefit of private instruction and group learning!

Each participant will receive alignment based, somatically guided instruction geared towards their individual needs while getting the added layer of collective learning.

 Yoga & Reiki 

Combined Session Sweat & Restore

This is a beautiful opportunity for you to expand the benefits of your yoga practice. Savassana the final resting posture in a yoga practice is often referred to as the most important posture in the physical yoga asana practice.  

Allowing time for the body to rest provides the state for nervous system integration and restoration. Giving the systems of body time to flush any toxins that were actively dispelled from the tissues during the more active physical practice. 

Reiki is a deeply restorative and healing modality assisting the body into a state of deep rest. 

Imagine the possibilities for activating  & refreshing your system by combining the two! 

I will guide you through an individualized 60 min alignment based and somatically driven yoga practice that will warm you up from the inside out. 


Before entering into the final resting posture Savassana-

We will take a short water and bathroom break.

after this short break 

you will make yourself comfortable on the Reiki table for a combined 

45 min Savassana/Reiki session.

-Invite the bliss-

You will be grateful you did this!

Beginner's mind yoga immersion Series

This series is designed for the person who is ready to commit to their health and wellbeing. The person who is ready to begin or begin again! This is the perfect way to jump start and support you to make new healthy patterns and habits in your life! Whether you have taken a few yoga classes, stepped away from yoga, and are coming back to practice or yoga is new to you.

This bundle is carefully cultivated just for you. 

What's Included?

A 3 month commitment to yourself

We meet 2 x per week 

a total of 24 private 60 min yoga sessions

sequences and mindfulness activities for you to practice in between sessions.

Self massage techniques specific to your body.

I'm intrigued how do I sign up?

We begin by scheduling a 15-20 min phone call to discuss your goals, movement history, any injuries or health concerns along with what you are seeking in your practice to start. 

4 week Series  

Somatic movement practices;

artfully connect to the wisdom of your body. 

This seres invites curiosity and imagination 

In this four week series you will be guided through  sequences and movement practices through 4 systems of the body: 

Respiratory, Skeletal, Muscular, and Fluid. 

What's Included?

We meet 1 x per week for 2 hours

We will explore the body through movement, traveling with the elements of these systems. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the wisdom of your moving body and tap specifically into to the unique qualities alive in each system.

This is great for anyone who is seeking more connection and artful expression through movement. 

"We don't learn to move, we move to learn." Moshe Feldenkrais

I'm curious how can I find out more?

Schedule a call with me to discuss details and ask questions!

Give the Gift of a Private Yoga Session

Give the gift of an experience.

Gift Certificates available in any amount!

"What we call 'weakness' is often not a lack of structure but a lack of process. When that process is actualized, we experience strength. Process is based on relationship." - Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

"The popular culture version of yoga tells us to start practice so that we can get a better body than the one we have now, and so that we can get a better mind. An ethics-bound practice begins instead by helping us to catch sight of harmful ways we look at bodies, at the ways we split ourselves between what we are and what we wish we were. the more you heal that split in yourself, the more your practice becomes a form of social action, because you are no longer feeding into the institutionalized patterns of shame and greed so prevalent in our culture." -Michael Stone 

Client Testimonials

"After my Reiki session I felt an easier flow of energy and internal movement, better circulation of fluids, energy, and thoughts, more emotionally regulated for rest of day. I Slept deeper the couple of days after, def needed more water to stay hydrated the couple of days after. Amazed at how much can shift after just one session and am open to the cumulative affects after multiple sessions." -Dina Reiki Client


"light, floating, rested, open, peaceful" -Reiki Client


"I feel an immediate positive difference in my body-mind after the sessions. Your capacity to attenuate and be present is deep and expansive and healing in my experience so far. Also I walk away from the sessions feeling more loving and LOVE in my life." -Anne Reiki Client


 "You make me feel like I have so much life left in this old bod!" -Senior Yoga Client


"Oh! I could still feel the warmth of your hands- and then I realized you weren't  touching my back anymore!" -Reiki Client


I am a 73 year old woman who has been physically active all of my life. However, in recent years I have dealt with body changes due to arthritis that have caused me pain and have greatly decreased my flexibility.  I have been doing online yoga practice with Emily Aust since March, 2022, and have learned so much about my own body and how to help it heal! Emily makes each lesson focused on my body's needs. She takes the utmost care in listening to me as I help her understand how I'm feeling and what's going on with me. Her kindness, compassion, years of practice and learning, along with her passionate commitment to the healing arts enables her to teach others to heal themselves! Whether online or in person, Emily definitely has a healing touch! I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is serious about connecting in healthier ways with their own body. - Shelley Online Yoga Client


Emily, I want to thank you for your amazing yoga coaching! I started out with a goal of gaining a bit more flexibility, core strength and maybe to be able to squat without falling over what I have gained is so much more!

You curate a personalized weekly training that gives me simple postures to build toward the goals. Each week I look forward to something new to try and practice on my own throughout the week. We have such fun -- whether laughing at my inability to know my right from my left or celebrating a successful posture. You are such a patient, empathetic and crazy good coach!

I have not only gained core strength I never thought I could but more than that, I have the confidence to do things I couldn’t before. I have always been afraid of ladders, even short ones as I felt unstable. I confidently use a 6 ft ladder now. I have gained a more centered strength that improved by posture and allows me to feel in control of my body.

But the absolutely best part of this amazing transformation is my knees. Being in my mid-sixties, I was experiencing weakness and pain in both of my knees. When we started the yoga sessions you were able to modify some of the postures to keep from straining my knees. Over time though you also added postures to strengthen the muscles around my knees. It is not an overstatement to say that you worked miracles. I am able to squat, bend, get down on the floor and up again without pain!! I run up and down stairs, confident that my core strength and strong thigh muscles will carry me.

I have much more to learn about yoga but right now I just want you to know what a difference you have made in my life.

-Debbie H. Yoga Client


I highly recommend Emily as a yoga practitioner. She is very knowledgable and each session is tailored to the student’s needs. This is especially helpful if there are any limitations or areas that the student especially wants to focus on such as flexibility, strength, or relieving areas of discomfort.  Each practice is mentally and physically restorative.  I find myself feeling very calm and focused during the practice and yet energized at the end of the session.  It is a wonderful experience and I especially appreciate Emily’s calming presence.  She is a very gifted practitioner. -D.E. Yoga Client


“To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe – to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it – is a wonder beyond words.” -Joanna Macy

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